Blake’s Birthday

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – 5:08 am

8 lbs 5 oz, 21 ¾ inches

Blake’s birth story:

I had some contractions over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday – nothing too strong. Tuesday they started getting more intense and somewhat regular off and on. When we went to bed Tuesday night I was able to relax through the contractions and sleep between them (thanks to hypnobabies… call me crazy, but it worked at first!). Around 12:00 I couldn’t sleep, and by about 2:00 I couldn’t lay down and had a hard time relaxing through them. The pain was all in my back – he was face-up (just like Haley was).

The contractions got really close together really quickly. We called Seth’s parents at 3 am (so they could come stay with Haley) and got to the hospital at 4. The contractions were VERY intense and close together (1-2 minutes) in the car ride. I had to wait till we were between contractions to get in the car and then to walk into the hospital. I had decided I wanted the epidural by the time we got to the hospital (even though I was set on going natural up till that point). The guy that wheeled me up to L&D was SO SLOW. If I wasn’t *thisclose* to having a baby I would’ve let him have it for sure. I was 10 cm when we got there, so it was too late for the epidural! They didn’t even get an iv going. I was pretty scared at that point. (I was also upset that Seth didn’t have time to get the camera out of the car. Blake’s first few pictures were taken with a phone.) They got me into my room and got things ready. I could feel him coming down… I knew it wouldn’t be long. My water broke with a contraction, and then my doctor walked in (just in time!). It only took 3 pushes. The first time I freaked out and stopped. I just wanted it all to stop – I wasn’t sure I could do it. The second push was better. The last push was it… head, shoulders, everything. Such a relief!

He was born face-up and perfectly healthy. I was able to hold him right away and nurse him. He didn’t have any trouble nursing from the beginning! He ate 3 different times within the first 2 hours, and then he slept most of the rest of the day. During the afternoon/evening/night he nursed great. He didn’t even cry when he woke up to eat… he just made cute little baby noises to wake me up.

The next morning (Thursday) he had his circumcision done, and then we got ready to go home. We were home by 3:30. He’s been doing great… he’s not a very fussy baby so far.

We’re adjusting to our new family dynamic. We’re used to being able to help each other, and it’s different when Seth has to be with one while I have to be with the other. We’re doing really well though. I love love love having 2 kids. ♥

{I look disgusted, but I was just exhausted}

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